We’ve been very fortunate to work with some great clients over the years. Here’s a selection of the client projects we’ve completed and what our clients have said about their experiences of working with us.

SEO clientWebsite: www.mods-net.com

Owner: Richard
Keyword: website designer Almeria
Search engine: Google.es
Google page: 1
Position Number: 1

Richard said: “We are website designers in Spain who specialise in web design. We are not SEO experts so we needed a company who we could partner with who are SEO experts. The company we eventually started to work with are Top UK SEO Expert.co.uk. They are very knowledgeable about SEO and they have worked with us on dozens of projects for our clients. We can happily say we can recommend their SEO services to anyone who needs online marketing help.”

SEO client 2Website: www.veritashomesmojacar.com

Owner: Andre
Keywords: Veritas Property Mojacar
Search engine: Google.es
Google page: 1
Position Number: 1

We helped to restructure this Estate agents website which improved its SEO immediately. This site was built using PHP code.

Results: We have just started to work with Veritas Property Group and we have immediately made some on site changes to their website, and we have also restructured their keywords so that we target both their main keywords and their long tail keywords in a orderly manner. Summer 2011 saw a 75% rise in unique visitor traffic from organic search engine rankings in comparison to the previous year.

Andre said:  “We came on board with Top UK SEO EXPERT.co.uk in February 2011. From the beginning, they have delivered exactly what they promised us from the start. I have been in business a long time and have invested significantly in offline marketing for my business i.e., newspapers etc to build the brand for many years and make it the leading estate agent in Mojácar Spain.

It is early days for us to make a judgement on their SEO skills for our company but we are more than happy with their meticulous approach to everything they have done for our company so far. I have no problem referring my own trusted business contacts onto them and have already done so.”

SEO Client 3Website: www.invogueweddings.com

Owner: Jasper
Keywords: Wedding videos in Spain
Search engine: Google.es
Google page: 1
Position Number: 7

Results: They asked us to get them onto page 1 of Google for 5 very difficult high competition keywords. We are working hard to achieve this and we have already managed to get them ranked for 1 keyword and 3 others are close to page 1. We are confident we will manage to rank all 5 keywords within 9 months. Check back here to view our progress.

Jasper said: “I started this website at the start of 2011 and I knew i had to get a good SEO company to help me as my competition have been established for a few years and if I wanted to compete with the big boys I needed to be on page 1 of Google and fast. I met with the team at Top SEO Expert and I was blown away with their original thinking and their positive attitude towards the tasks in hand. 5 months later we are on page 1 of Google for a great keyword and they are working hard on my other keywords.”

SEO client 4Website: www.adisaworld.com
Owner: Adisa
Keyword: Performance poetry
Search engine: Google.co.uk

Results: We are excited to be involved in this project as we have not worked on a performance artists website before and we view it as a great challenge of our SEO skills.

Adisa said: “Starting my website I was looking to find a SEO company that could match my commitment to help me succeed. I am happy to say I found it with Top UK SEO Expert.co.uk and I would fully recommend this company to anyone who was looking for a straight talking, hard working company to help market themselves online.”

SEO client 5Website: www.weddingsinspain.com
Owner: Stacy
Keywords: Weddings in Spain
Search engine: Google.es
Google page: 1
Position Number: 1

Results: We have known Stacey for a long while and when she told us she was using a SEO company in Madrid who weren’t getting her the SEO results she wanted we jumped in to see how we could help her. 4 months later she is now No.1 for her main keyword and we have researched and found her at least 10 more high traffic keywords which will increase the amount of business she does long term.

When we started this website only received 20-30 unique visitors per month. Today, they receive more than 250-300 Everyday. A significant decrease in PPC spend has followed. Overall, they have seen a 1000% increase in unique visitors per day in comparison to this time last year.

Stacy said: “I cant believe I didn’t use you guys from the beginning. I have spent lots of money with another SEO company and I didn’t see any results. Now I can finally see my site is No.1 in Google for my most important keyword and you did it so fast!”

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