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Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business

If you want your website to be a success, you need to employ good SEO. Good search engine optimization will bring the right kind of traffic to your site, high quality, organic results which come from having the right keywords associated with your site and being easily found by the search engine crawlers that look for them to index and rank your work.

SEO may not be the most important thing on your mind if you’re a new small business owner, though. But how about asking us to help you with it?

That leaves you free to concentrate on what you can do to grow your business, while we make sure it’s visible in all the right places. Whether you create physical items, or offer a service to clients, you can carry on doing just that, confident that in the background, we’re working to make your efforts worthwhile with one of our SEO packages for the UK.

What exactly is ‘optimization’?

Optimization is making sure visitors find your site, and can find what they’re looking for when they get there. It’s about having effective links to content you’re proud of, or linking to similar items.

Think of the links at the end of news articles: ‘you might also be interested in this’, or Amazon’s ‘people who bought this item also bought…’ with a list of things commonly bought together. That’s optimization. So is effective indexing, the keywords you use to describe content, making sure that similar items are classified together and identifying themes so that people who want more of the same can easily find it.

How can I optimize my own website?

You can make a start on optimizing your own website by ensuring that the links and keywords you use are suitable and logical.

Adhering to accessibility rules, putting alt text on images and keeping the layout clean and simple are all likely to help your website be successfully crawled and correctly indexed to match queries. The good news is even if you have an existing website you can still optimize it even if it’s fallen down the rankings or never even seen much traffic. Affordable SEO packages will repay the initial outlay by tweaking a site to make it friendly to the current SEO algorithms.

Fresh content can help, evergreen posts are good too

If your site has new content every few days, whether it’s an ebay page with items to sell, a blog with new posts or a company site with elements of business promotion, shop sales and marketing content, it is more likely to gain traction.

There is an old online saying ‘the more you list, the more you sell’. Fresh items for sale will bring people to your shop, which increases the chance of them checking out other items for sale by the same seller.

The same is true of blog posts; once a reader has read one, if they’re interested enough, they are likely to stay around to read more by you. One of our SEO packages for small business will improve your site’s chances of being seen by people searching for content like yours.

Evergreen posts or articles, where the information either never changes or where you ensure it is kept up to date, are also good. Our affordable SEO packages can help you identify what topics are best and how to link to the posts from all over the site so as to maximise the chances of readers finding these posts.

SEO packages in the UK can help with the technical side of your site

Affordable SEO packages for small business can help you get your site up and running on the first attempt. That will increase your chances of quick sales, fast engagement with potential clients, customers or readers, and in the long term, a well designed, well ranked website will help you build your brand by more than word of mouth and social media alone.

Keyword research and good web-crawler friendly SEO writing are important to create a successful site. We can help you navigate robots.txt information, anchor text and redirecting links, all of which help bring in those valuable readers and customers.

There are other tricks which affordable small business SEO packages can help you with too, such as the best place and time to use no follow links, link building and reacting to algorithm changes.

These are commonly used terms which you may want to become familiar with before choosing one of the many affordable SEO packages available to help small businesses.

Robots.txt and Sitemaps

Robots.txt is the name given to the standard way web crawlers know which parts of a website to scan. It helps categorise a website correctly and is called an exclusion protocol. It is often used in conjunction with the Sitemaps inclusion protocol, which is a list of URLs available to be crawled.

Dofollow/nofollow links

These links are used to give instructions to web crawlers to use or not to use each link for search engine ranking. Dofollow means that the link is going to boost your site. Nofollow means that it probably won’t. All affordable SEO packages should include work on ensuring only those links which bring value to your site are dofollow.

Anchor text

This one is simple. It’s the words in blue that cover the html hyperlink to any other location online.

Redirect links

Another simple one. Redirect links open a different URL from the one which was clicked. This is seen most often in URL shorteners such as or tiny url. It’s also a great tool for repairing broken links when webpages have been moved. Cheap SEO packages for small business can sort this out for you and make sure that all the links from any previous websites are now pointing to the correct content.

Link building

The way to encourage other sites to link to content. Sometimes this can be from leaving comments with the link, sometimes from citations from other users quoting relevant content. Affordable SEO packages in the UK will aim to maximize the linking potential of your site.

Algorithm changes

Algorithm changes can make or break websites and even business models. It is important to keep on top of changes and adjust your website’s content to suit. In some circles, Google’s Panda update, first rolled out in 2011, is still spoken about in hushed tones with tales of lost site rankings, disappearing product or page visibility and correspondingly low sales or website engagement.

If all of this sounds too much like hard work, one of our affordable small business SEO packages can take the headache out of getting your site ready for effective SEO and ready to help you run a more successful business.

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