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Choosing A SEO Company in Bedford To Help With Your Website

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the bedrock of your website, no matter how old it is. If the search engines can’t find it, you will have fewer (or no) sales or clicks, lower numbers of clients and less engagement from potential leads.

Our SEO agency in Bedford are SEO experts and can help address these issues by looking at the site and making any changes required to bring it to a wider audience.

We will use specialist analytics tools to check the protocols which the search engines use to categorise and rank the site, amend and improve keywords, offer advice on link building, both to other locations on the site as well as external useful links.

The best thing about SEO is that it can be effective for any site, ie, SEO for estate agents in Bedford or anywhere else, no matter the age or current standing of the site, You can hire a professional SEO agency based here on your doorstep in Bedford so that you can concentrate on running your business.

SEO Services Bedford

That gives you more time to make stock, write posts, film videos or record music, whatever service, skill or item it is you’re offering.

This dual approach to Bedfordshire SEO means that your web traffic is likely to increase, your page will rise in the rankings and more people will visit, likely as a result of ‘organic’ search – because they’ve seen your site in their search results rather than because they clicked on a paid advertisement.

We’ve tweaked your site, you have new products or content to keep the visitors engaged.

Paid advertisements are great to kick start the life of your site, and we will help you set up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or sponsored advertisement if you would like to try that route, but good SEO should mean you do not have to rely on paid advertising alone. SEO in Bedford is about much more than that. It can help you target local customers, but you may find you can also reach out wider than that to potentially increase sales and information sharing.

White hat vs black hat SEO as described by search engines

The rules for SEO in Bedfordshire are the same as they are for any other place. The rules might be set in Mountain View, California, but they are relevant across the world, and the search engines, led by Google, will enforce the same set of rules no matter where the site is registered.

Ethical SEO, or white hat SEO, follows the rules of the search engines. It uses recognised, well researched keywords, sensibly written articles or product descriptions and although keywords are involved, they occur naturally as part of the text on the site or the metatags attached to each article.

That means the web crawlers which index and rank the sites are more likely to rank the site highly.

Unethical SEO, or black hat SEO, is a term used for those sites which manipulate the search engine requirements in a less than ideal fashion.

The use of paid links is also frowned upon by technology companies; links should never be bought from or sold to other sites. Spinning an article is likewise forbidden.

Running an article through either an automated or manual rewriting process often causes total loss of the original sense, and a corresponding drop in quality ranking as a result.

Google’s Panda algorithm, introduced in 2011, ranks sites according to the ‘naturalness’ of their keyword use. It has become very good at spotting black hat SEO in the intervening years, although at first it penalised shared revenue sites and blogs unfairly, leading to a huge drop in revenue for those who relied on that income.

These days, if a site is found to be repeatedly violating or abusing the standard SEO guidelines, it can be downranked or even delisted altogether. That can be enough to put a company out of business and is not a risk worth taking. This Bedford-based SEO services team will do our best to ensure this does not happen to you.

Choosing a reputable Bedford SEO company

If you choose to employ a SEO company to tweak your Bedfordshire-based site’s SEO, it is a good idea to research your options first. You should check to see if they have any feedback on the main review sites, or whether they can provide examples of websites they have previously worked on. Be wary of anyone who promises an instant rankings uplift. Good SEO Bedford is a gradual process, rather than an immediate hit. It relies on quality content, correct use of keywords, tags and the underlying protocols of the website.

Bedford SEO company website design

A good, clean, easy to navigate website design can also help with Bedfordshire companies’ SEO. Website design does not need to be expensive, but it does need to be effective.

A website with a clear menu, a well written homepage and proper use of relevant keywords to describe the company’s unique selling point can encourage both search engine attention and customer focus. We can help you make the most of your website, whether your small business is a newly founded dream move or an established brand in need of a refresh ahead of the launch of a new range.

This may mean a new layout, additional pages, expanded content or just a general clean up of the look and feel of the existing site.

Why Search engine optimization in Bedford is a force for good?

Whether you want to increase sales by reaching new customers, expand your readership or viewing figures, or showcase your latest products, properly managed SEO services from us here in Bedford can enhance and streamline your website.

It can boost your search engine rankings and raise your firm’s profile.

Give us a call today to find out how our SEO agency and our expert consultants can help your company to grow online. Our SEO Bedford services will give your website the kick start it needs.

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